Be Sure To Update Your Will When Necessary In Order To Avoid Future Conflict

Stuart Maher Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors
Stuart Maher Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors

Stuart Maher

Operations Director & Solicitor

Family relationships can become increasingly complex over time, and that is why it is so important to keep your will up to date.

We would always recommend that you review your will immediately following any major changes in your life, Such changes could include major life events such as having a child, buying a property, marriage, divorce etc, or others such as marked changes to your financial or other assets or the death of an original beneficiary.

We also recommend reviewing your will every 3 years, even where no major changes have taken place. This enables you to see if the contents of the will still reflect your wishes regarding what should happen to your assets in the event of your passing.

In order to make any amendments to your will, you need to make an official alteration, which needs to be signed & witnessed just like the original will.

We can assist with professionally drafting any such changes to ensure there is no uncertainty in your intentions, and your assets pass as per your wishes without conflict.

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