WHY WR? – Because we’ve #GotYourBack

This mindset – one of our guiding principles – extends to our colleagues just as much as it does to our clients.

We offer a range of benefits for colleagues, a sample of which are detailed on this page.

1. Salary

Starting salary of up to £21,000 depending on experience

Bonus upon completion of the Academy

2 weeks accomodation if based outside Lancashire

2. Development

12 month structured Conveyancing workshop

Regular check ins and feedback assessment

Shadow our qualified conveyancers

3. Holidays

25 days holiday, plus 8 bank holidays

Additional holiday day on your birthday

Long service increment of 1 day after 3 years service

4. Wellbeing

Bupa Private health insurance, after 12 month service

Paid sickness after 12 months service

Eyesight tests covered

5. Support

One point of contact

Flexible working available upon successful completion of the academy


6. Location

Free parking available dependent on site

Comfortable staff facilities

Accessible high street locations

Put potential into practice with one of the leading conveyancing firms in the country.

We were delighted to be included in The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Work in 2023, and it was a testament to our staff’s commitment to creating a positive and supportive workplace culture where employees feel valued and motivated that we got there.

We feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that our dedication to employee well-being and satisfaction has been acknowledged with such a prestigeous accreditation.

Join our Conveyancing Academy and see why we are one of the Best Places to Work.

“I have done the degree, but its different in practice. I am learning the ropes in the real world of conveyancing”

Kieran Taylor

Conveyancing Academy Class of ’24

2021 Lexcel Feedback

In 2021 – Lexcel reported back to us following their annual review. The feedback provided independent and clear feedback as to how those working for Watson Ramsbottom view their working lives. We’ve included their comments in full.

Watson Ramsbottom has a very effective management structure that is based on clear leadership, excellent communications and team working. Senior management, and line managers generally, have an open and approachable management style, and lead by example.

People typically felt:

  • They do care about you here (many similar views)
  • They’re very visible around the offices and very approachable (many similar views)
  • They want you to do well .. and you’re encouraged to come up with good ideas
  • Communications are great here .. very open
  • Team working is really good here .. everybody really helpful, in your own team and across the firm
  • I’ve worked at other firms .. everything in place here .. always someone to help .. dedicated people
  • Directors here are really good at their job

Homeworking was efficiently introduced, systems are working well, and people have continued to work to meet client needs. Regular emails and visits from directors were much appreciated, ensuring not only that staff were kept up to date but maintaining work standards and efficiency and also checking that everyone was managing as well as possible with home working arrangements. A typical view was: ‘they couldn’t have handled it any better’.

Business plan aims are clear and well communicated to staff.

People in the newly acquired practices feel they were very much welcomed by everyone and have very quickly settled into the Watson Ramsbottom way of working.

Learning and development continues to be a strength of the firm and is thought by people interviewed to work very well. People are developed  to positions of greater responsibility in the firm, coaching and knowledge sharing is excellent, and achievement of relevant qualifications is supported.

People felt training continued to improve, and the recent Zoom training sessions delivered were thought to be very good.

Support for home and work life balance is excellent, people feel well supported and greatly appreciated the flexibility of being able to maintain a healthy work life  balance.

Recruitment and selection is working very well, the firm is recruiting people who fit in well with the Watson Ramsbottom way of working. Induction training was thought to work really well despite the pandemic restrictions. Recently recruited people interviewed felt Watson Ramsbottom’s reputation as a modern, flexible employer was key to their decision to join the firm, and the firm is becoming a destination employer.

Typical views about the firm included:

  • Best firm I’ve ever worked for (number of people)
  • Very happy and settled here .. can see my career developing (many similar views)
  • People very, very helpful and friendly (many similar views)
  • If ever there’s a problem we all just discuss it and sort it out
  • I love working here
  • The firm is very involving of people .. all about continuous improvement
  • They do what they say they will
  • I’ve had more support here than at any previous firm