We’re now, as a nation, getting to grips with COVID-19 and the huge changes we’ve each had to make to our daily lives.

At Watson Ramsbottom, we’ve been busy looking at how the changes impact you, and implementing solutions to ensure accessing legal assistance and support is as easy as possible during these unprecedented times.

Aside from ensuring our staff are available, setup to work from home with no significant interruptions to our service, here are some of the additional steps we’ve taken:

Live Chat for victims of Domestic Abuse.

Victims of Domestic Abuse are particularly vulnerable during the lockdown, not because the lockdown causes domestic abuse, it doesn’t, but it does make it more difficult for victims to get help and advice and places them at greater risk.

With this is mind we have launched a live web chat service which victims can access from 9.30am – 9pm, seven days a week. This is monitored by Rachel Horman and her team of experts, and we are already using the courts to obtain injunctions and orders for victims over the phone.

This has many advantages, not least because the length of time the service is available means victims can access us when they get an opportunity to do so, they are not limited by standard business hours. Furthermore, the thread of the conversation isn’t saved on their phones or tablets so can’t be seen by anyone else.

Additional Safeguards for Victims of Domestic Abuse

On each of the pages of our website related to family law, we have implemented an EXIT SITE button. This can take anybody viewing any of our pages swiftly away from the site should it unexpectedly become unsafe for them to be doing so.

Whilst this will provide a quick exit, we are aware that it doesn’t remove the traceability of the visit to the website, should a victim’s browsing history be monitored by their abuser.

As such, beneath the exit site button, we have a COVER YOUR TRACKS ONLINE button. This links to a page providing content borrowed from the excellent Women’s Aid, which details the information that can be used to track web browsing history, and the steps that can be taken to prevent traceability.

Create Your Will Online

We understand the thought of yourself or loved ones passing away is never easy, and particularly in such unprecedented times when circumstances bring it to sharp focus. But planning for the future is key to the advice and services we provide at Watson Ramsbottom, and it is essential you ensure your loved ones are protected should the worst happen.

The only way you can be certain of this is to ensure you have a Will in place and up to date,

We understand the difficulties the lockdown currently presents with regard to meeting with a solicitor to do this, so we’ve put in place our own dedicated Will writing website, createmywillonline.co.uk, which allows you to provide, in your own time and from your own home, all the information needed for our experts to draft your Will.

COVID-19 – Expert knowledge, and up to date commentary on quickly changing legislation.

Our experts have been keeping on top of new guidelines and legislation, determining as quickly as possible the impacts these may have on you and posting updates to keep you informed wherever appropriate.

Whilst any such updates are posted to our website, they sit on our news page alongside other unrelated posts. We figured you may find it useful to have these all together in one place. So…

All such updates have been compiled together on our dedicated COVID-19 page. This page is accessible via our top menu and will be updated whenever new insight is provided.

We have taken these steps to ensure you can access support and advice as easy as possible through this time.

In addition to this, our experts are available to help you whatever your legal issue. If you need advice, call us on 01254 672222, email enquiries@watsonramsbottom.com, or complete our website contact form and one of our experts will be in touch.

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