Domestic Abuse Victims To Receive ‘Lifeline’ Funds To Help Flee Their Tormentors

A new initiative is set to launch this month, which will provide cash payments to aid those fleeing domestic abuse.

The scheme, which will be run by leading charity Women’s Aid and government funding, will see hundreds of domestic abuse survivors receive cash payments of £2,500 each to help them escape.

Often where women are stuck in violent or abusive relationships, it is a lack of money that prevents them from leaving. The fear of not being able to make rental payments or to afford food, clothing or other essentials causes many to stay in unbearable situations, whilst others who have taken the brave step to escape but haven’t found the right support, have found themselves having to return to their perpetrator, seeing no other option, and suffering reprisals as a result.

The £2m scheme, described as a “lifeline”, aims to make it easier for women in this situation, enabling those who may only have returned to their partner due to their inability to afford basic essentials, to now flee with enough cash to manage that little bit better than first imagined.

However, going one better than last year, the new scheme funded by the Home Office and provided by Women’s Aid charities, will see these funds rolled out across England and Wales, offering £2,500 to those needing to flee, which is a dramatic increase on last year’s pilot scheme.

Despite what is clearly a positive step, Director, Solicitor and Head of Family Law at Watson Ramsbottom Rachel Horman-Brown believes much more than this is needed in order to provide security for those escaping domestic abuse…

Rachel Horman Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors

Rachel Horman-Brown

Director & Solicitor

“Whilst any additional money for victims of domestic abuse is welcome the reality is that  this will not touch the sides.

Domestic abuse is outrageously underfunded by the government and there are not enough refuge places for women for when they do flee.

The government says on one hand that domestic abuse is a priority for them yet on the other continues to underfund this area.

As well as failing to tackle the fact that 2 + women a week are murdered by their ex partners, it is a false economy as domestic abuse costs the government over £66 billion a year.

They need to invest in putting in place measures to prevent this by providing enough refuge spaces and domestic abuse support services and ensuring that the criminal justice system deals with it swiftly and robustly, which currently it does not”

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