Domestic abusers to be added to violent and sex offender register in new crackdown

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Under new Government proposals, the most dangerous domestic abusers will be recorded on the violent and sex offender register.
This news will be welcomed by the 2.4 million people in England and Wales who experienced domestic abuse in the last year.

Starting immediately, those who have faced 12 months or more in jail for crimes relating to Coercive Control (Including Suspended Sentences) will be placed on the register.
Meaning those individuals will have to inform the police of their name, any aliases, and any addresses they will reside at for more than a week.

In addition to this, they will also have to inform the authorities about any travel overseas, bank details and whether they will be staying in a household with a child for more than 12 hours.
The most serious perpetrators will also be electronically tagged and made to attend ‘behaviour change’ programmes.

Under these proposals, the police will be told to treat violence against women & girls as seriously as terrorism and similar crimes.

The government are also aiming to spend £8.4 Million over the course of two years, in order to fund victim support programmes, whilst the Ask for ANI scheme will be piloted in Jobcentre offices throughout the UK, having been trialled in pharmacies two years ago.

Here’s what Head of Family Law Rachel Horman-Brown Has Had To Say On The Matter –

“I very much welcome the announcement to include those who commit domestic abuse on a serial perpetrators register. It is necessary to protect women from men who go from creating one abusive relationship to the next and is long overdue. I would also like to see a real change in attitude from all who work in the criminal justice system to ensure that they treat this issue far more seriously than they currently do and that the allegations are actually investigated properly and promptly” 

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