Michelle whitaker Family Law SolicitorIt is common for family proceedings to be reported on an anonymised basis which allows the identities of the parties not to be revealed. This is standard practice where children are involved.

However, Michelle Whitaker, Solicitor in the family law department at Watson Ramsbottom looks at a recent case where the Family Court took the unusual step of making a specific ruling that the judgments and documents relating to a divorcing couple should be ‘de-anonymised and released where reasonably required by the wife’.

The reason for the decision was that in the divorce proceedings the husband had failed to disclose some of his sources of income – fraudulently obtained commissions he had made in his business dealings.

The impact of these could be significant for the wife, who might become entangled in other legal proceedings which may result from her husband’s activities. The impact on him of having his transgressions made public is as yet to be seen.

“Being less than frank and honest in one’s dealings with and disclosures to the courts can have very adverse effects.”

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