Gabriel’s Goalmouth Heroics!

Our very own Jon & Naomi’ Lingard’s son, Gabriel Lingard is a promising Ice Hockey Goalkeeper who we are very proud to sponsor (You might notice our logo on his helmet in the images).

Over the bank holiday weekend, he took part in a showcase, representing the North & performed very well!

The showcase consists of players who are considered to be the best of their age range from their respective region (The tournament had u13’s, u15’s and u19’s)

Three teams from each region participated and the Northern teams came out overall winners across the board!

What a fantastic achievement, especially under the watchful eye of team GB & Canadian scouts.

Gabriel’s Super Stats!

Gabriel was part of the under 17’s northern team, as a goalie (netminder hockey terms)

The games are a full 60 minutes long consisting of 3 periods (football terms halves) where the games were split between Gabriel and the other goalie teammate so each played 30 mins each game

Gabriel played the last 30 mins when facing off against the Southeast and Southwest and each game no goals were scored against Gabriel gaining him a “shutout” (also known as a Doughnut)  each game (Clean sheet football terms) ….

His final game against the Midlands, Gabriel was asked to start the game, this time his clean streak was altered by only one goal conceded

All in all his stats for the showcase were over three games 57 shots on goal and 1 goal conceded giving him a 98.25 % Save average

Gabriel was one of the youngest & smallest goalies in his age group, but still came away with the best save percentage!

You can see some photos of the showcase below.

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