January Blues – Why Do We See A Spike In Divorce Cases This Month?

As many of you may know, January has become synonymous with divorce, with ‘Divorce Day’ falling on the first Monday after the 1st January.

Google sees divorce and separation related search queries skyrocket at this time, with record numbers every January year on year, which gives you an insight into just how many of us seek for more information relating to Divorce at this time of year!

But Why? You may ask. Well, there may be a few reasons as to why so many people find this time of year the most fitting to ‘Untie the knot’.
Here’s why we think this is the case..

The End of Christmas Festivities

Yes, whilst Christmas may appear to be one of the more cheerful times of the year for most, for some, the festivities can bring to light the harsh reality that their marriage isn’t what they had imagined.

This time of year, with it’s associated social and financial pressures can bring added stress to certain situations and put strain on fractured relationships.

As the Holiday season concludes, the focus point of the pressures has passed and all that remains is the reality of the situation. Couple this with it being a particularly cold, dark and wet time of the year in the UK, and it can lead people to question whether their situations are everything they had imagined.

Resolutions, Self-improvement and a ‘New Year, New Me’ mindset

Additionally, the start of the New Year has long been one where many people tend to set resolutions, or follow the ‘New Year New Me’ trend, bringing into sharp focus the things they aren’t happy with in their lives.

This quest for positive change can lead, for better or worse, to decisions which end relationships.


Stuart Barton

Senior Associate Solicitor

“Whilst Christmas and the prospect of a New Year often brings happiness and joy to many families, it can also be a massive cause of additional stress where there are existing fault-lines in a relationship. Financial worries over the costs of the festive period, the challenges of coping with the in-laws or perhaps getting a long-awaited Christmas present badly wrong are all potential events that can rapidly cause a strained relationship to go into meltdown. It would not be an exaggeration to say that in my experience, many couples contemplate separation in the run-up to Christmas but decide to wait until after the festivities are over before taking active steps to pursue a divorce or resolve financial matters with their partner. This may be owing to a wish to ensure that Christmas is not ‘spoilt’ for their children or their extended families. Equally, they may reach a point where psychologically, it simply feels ‘right’ to commence a divorce at the start of a New Year, rather than doing so at the end of the previous one.”

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