Landlord Affected by Lockdown – We’ve Got Your Back

WR Solicitor & Director Jonathan Leach

As the lockdown continues, we are all facing increasing pressures, with financial strains caused by reduced incomes the cause of many of these.

Landlords are often painted as villains in such circumstances, pressured by tenants to allow time for rent payments to be made, but they are often also facing the same reduction in primary earnings as their tenants, leaving them reliant on rent income to pay mortgages, bills etc.

We are able to assist both residential and commercial landlords to resolve issues relating to tenants. Be it a failure to pay the rent or other issues, such as the use of the property for banned or restricted purposes, we are able to bring effective and cost-sensitive solutions.

It is often key in such matters to make sure that the relationship between the parties is preserved and with this in mind we will explore all available negotiable options as a first option.

If however it is necessary to bring a case before the courts, we are experienced in litigating these issues and can ensure your case is presented in the most favourable fashion.

The Housing Department at Watson Ramsbottom is headed by Director Jonathan Leach who is a solicitor with a special interest in housing law.

Jonathan and his team are currently offering FREE INITIAL MEETINGS for landlords facing issues arising due to the lockdown, to discuss how we could help.

If you need our help, please call Jonathan on 01254 30 10 44, email, talk to us via live chat or complete our online enquiry form and one of our experts will contact you.

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