“If your partner doesn’t actually hit you there is nothing you can do as the physical abuse is required for the authorities to take action “



This is a myth. Whilst in the past the term domestic abuse has been synonymous with domestic violence, domestic violence legislation covers much more than this.

Domestic abuse often includes domestic violence, but can also comprise psychological, emotional sexual and financial abuse, as well as coercive control.

It has often been the case in the past that, having taken the huge decision to report domestic abuse, victims have been let down, told there is no case or ‘come back when he hits you’. Whilst this can still happen, it shouldn’t, and our experts can help you even if you have faced such issues in the past.

If you have been the victim of Domestic Abuse, whether violence has been used or not, we have one of the finest teams in the UK able to assist.


We can help you during this worrying time & provide the support you need to deal with this challenging change in circumstances.

We can inform you of the current laws surrounding this and provide personalised advice based on your individual situation.


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