“Once you leave your partner the risk of violence and abuse reduces”



Whilst the decision to leave an abusive relationship is always a huge one, it needs to be carefully managed. Where a perpetrator is put in a position where control is lost, it can see them at their most dangerous.

Many people continue to experience harassment, abuse and stalking from their former partner long after they have ended the relationship.

But there are ways to stop or prevent this, and there is nobody better placed to assist than our team of experts.

There are various Civil Orders which can be obtained to protect victims whether or not the police have been involved.  It may be possible to obtain a Non Molestation Order against the perpetrator. These can be attained within 24 hours (subject to legal aid requirements where appropriate), and breach of any such order is now a criminal offence punishable with up to 5 years imprisonment.

If you have taken the brave decision to escape an abusive relationship but are scared of what may happen once you walk away, or if you have already escaped, but are facing stalking or continued abuse from your perpetrator, TALK TO US TODAY. We really can help.


We can help you during this worrying time & provide the support you need to deal with this challenging change in circumstances.

We can inform you of the current laws surrounding this and provide personalised advice based on your individual situation.


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