“Solicitors don’t “get” domestic abuse and how it affects victims”



We have occasionally seen & heard the above statement and whilst we can’t say all solicitors and firms nationwide have a great understanding, here at Watson Ramsbottom we have a dedicated team ready to assist with all matters relating to domestic abuse. The team understand all forms of abuse as well as the risk and impact on victims and children.

Director Rachel Horman-Brown heads up one of the only departments of its kind.

The Domestic Violence, Stalking and Forced Marriage department contains specialist advisors who enable victims of domestic abuse to receive expert advice that many clients have expressed has “saved their lives”.

We can help you with matters relating to: domestic abuse & children, stalking & harassment, coercive control, so called “revenge porn”, accusations of parental alienation & much more.

Our department is lucky to have experts such as Rachel leading the line, Rachel received the National Family Legal Aid Lawyer of the year award in 2012, was the winner of the Jordan’s National Family Partner 2014 in recognition of the ground breaking work of the department in this area (See here for Rachel’s full profile), won the Eva women in business award in 2016 and was highly commended for the law society excellence awards in 2016 and shortlisted for the Centre for Women’s Justice/Emma Humphreys Award in 2019

Rachel and several other members of the department are Resolution Accredited Specialists in the field of Domestic Abuse and Forced marriage and Honour Based Violence.

Domestic Abuse includes physical, psychological, sexual, financial, and coercive control.

Visit our domestic abuse page & see for yourself just how much we at WR ‘Get it’


We can help you during this worrying time & provide the support you need to deal with this challenging change in circumstances.

We can inform you of the current laws surrounding this and provide personalised advice based on your individual situation.


If you need assistance, more advice on the above or support with any other legal issue, We've Got Your Back

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