“The police won’t take any action against my stalker so there’s nothing I can do”



This is a myth.

Often cyber stalking, stalking and harassment is not taken seriously by the police and Crown Prosecution Service and Watson Ramsbottom can advocate on your behalf to ensure not only that charges are brought where possible but that the correct charges are brought resulting in more severe sentencing and protection for victims.

In addition to this Watson Ramsbottom can assist in obtaining protective orders on behalf of victims and where appropriate obtaining monetary compensation. The department is headed up by Rachel Horman-Brown who is an expert in this area and also the chair of Paladin – the National Stalking Advocacy Service.

If you are experiencing stalking or harassment, you should ensure that you keep a diary of the behaviour and also the affect that the behaviour is having on you as this will be relevant in terms of which criminal charges are brought.  It is also important that the behaviour is reported to the police and that your friends, family and work colleagues are aware of the situation as they may notice things that you do not. 

Do not destroy any evidence and think about ways in which you can gather evidence.  Ensure you receive expert advice from Watson Ramsbottom and the support services such as Paladin – The National Stalking Advocacy Service.

Finally never make contact or respond to your stalker and ensure that the Police and Support Services carry out a stalking risk assessment in relation to your case.

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