The Housing Department at Watson Ramsbottom is headed by Director Jonathan Leach who is a solicitor with a special interest in Housing Law. We can assist Tenants or Homeowners with issues they are facing with their homes, and can help Landlords or Agents across all aspects of Housing Law.

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Advice for Tenants and Homeowners

Tenants can face many issues for which they would require assistance. These can range from disrepair or wrongful eviction, to issues arising from an inability to pay the rent. Homeowners can face similar problems with circumstances causing them to fall into arrears. 
Our team have a great deal of experience assisting tenants and home owners with any issues faced

Advice for Residential Landlords and Agents

Recent years have seen significant changes to legislation impacting the Landlord to Tenant relationship. The number of changes can make it easy for landlords to find themselves accidentally in breach of the law.
Our experts can assist Landlords and Agents across all issues they could face, including rent arrears, possession proceedings, tenancy deposit claims and property disrepair claims.

Advice for Commercial Landlords and Agents

As well as assisting residential landlords and agents we are able to help commercial landlords and agents with tenant issues.
Be it a failure to pay the rent or using the property for banned purposes we are able to bring effective and costs sensitive solutions.

Jonathan Leach

Director & Solicitor

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