Police Failings Come To Light In Complex Stalking Case.

In the news recently you may have the sad case of Gracie Spinks, a Derbyshire woman who was stalked and ultimately murdered by a former work colleague.

The case highlighted multiple failings of the Police, which led to multiple missed opportunities to protect her, and which her family believe ultimately led to her death.

If you’re unaware of this case , you can read all about it via this LBC Link. There has been a call as a result of this case for better use of staking advocates by the police on a national level.

We spoke with Director & Head of Family Law Rachel Horman Brown, who is also the Chair of Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service.

Here’s what she had to say regarding these shocking findings…

Rachel Horman Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors

Rachel Horman Brown

Director & Solicitor

“The failings by the police in the Gracie Spinks case beggar belief. Had the police done their jobs properly there is a good chance that she would still be alive. Independent stalking advocates like the ones we have at the charity I chair – Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service – would certainly make a difference but only if the police actually listen and act on their advice. Currently this often doesn’t happen.

The only way to ensure that there is a change in the behaviour of the police and to save lives is to ensure that there are robust consequences in place for those officers who fail victims. More of them should lose their jobs so that less women lose their lives.”

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