Recent Case Success Shows That Family Courts Do Take Domestic Abuse Seriously

Kalya Parker – Livesey


Family Courts do take domestic abuse seriously as a recent WR case shows in which Kalya secured a no contact order to protect mother and children from abusive father.

Whilst many victims of domestic abuse are sceptical about entering Family proceedings and often assume that they will be failed by the Family Courts, the Family Courts do often take allegations of domestic abuse seriously. Kalya Parker-Livesey has recently been able to protect the safety of her client and her children by obtaining an order preventing her abusive ex-partner and the children’s father from having any form of contact.

A number of allegations were raised within these proceedings which the Court made significant findings on and determined that it would not be in the best interests of the children (or the mother), for any contact (direct or indirect) between the father and the children to take place.

This was a huge relief to our client, who is now able to start to rebuild a life for herself and her children without the worry of having to interact with her abuser.

She said of Kalya:

“I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work, the support and reassurance you have given me throughout and the belief you had in me. You have worked so hard on this case and your strength and approach has helped me through it all.

Words cannot describe the emotions I’m feeling. You have given me my life back and to get better and to help the children. I’m free from him!”

Whilst this outcome may not be the norm and orders equivalent to this preventing indirect contact are only ordered in extreme circumstances, this case is indicative of the Family Courts taking domestic abuse seriously and of it being possible to achieve the right result by presenting detailed evidence and robust arguments. Our amazing family team work tirelessly day after day to assist victims of domestic abuse. There are many steps that can be taken to help quickly and efficiently protect victims and prevent further abuse and maximise their chances of obtaining protection from the courts.

We have a long-established team of experts to assist to escape domestic abuse safely. If you are facing this nightmare there really is nowhere better in England and Wales to turn.

If you need help escaping domestic abuse, contact us today.

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