Sam’s Success in Scandinavia

Sam & team Great Britain came away from Denmark with a victory, after a valiant performance against the hosts.

On Saturday 28th October Sam & team faced off against Denmark, with a win granting the Great Britain team 5th place in the European rankings.

Congratulations to Sam & the rest of the team, on what is a fantastic achievement.
We’re delighted to have played a small part in helping Sam get the victory over the line.

We spoke to Sam and got a few words about the game & our support

Sam Bloomfield

Team GB American Football

“Denmark was the experience of a lifetime for me. Earning my 3rd cap and representing Great Britain as Quarterback and Captain again is such an honour. To pass for two touchdowns and help us win a tight game, securing 5th place in the European rankings is a dream scenario for me. I am so excited to take on Sweden and Germany next year and hopefully earn a podium spot for our team.

I am so incredibly thankful for Watson-Ramsbottom’s support, I proudly wore their logo on my helmet and knowing the immense costs were no longer an issue, allowed me to focus my pre-game preparations on performing as well as I could. Sam Bloomfield x Watson-Ramsbottom is a winning formula – I honestly couldn’t have done it without them.”

If you missed our earlier post about Sam & our sponsorship, you can read all about it here

Here’s a few pictures of Sam in action!

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