Sentence for serious domestic violence offence 'insulting to victim and to women'

Watson Ramsbottom Director Rachel Horman was asked recently by journalists to comment on a controversial case in which a victim of domestic violence ‘put through 12 months of hell’ saw the perpetrator receive a sentence of just 16 weeks.

The list of violent acts carried out by Jubel Miah on his wife included stabbing her in the hand, scratching her tongue until it bled, slapping her at a family party and striking her with an iron weight.

Speaking to journalists about the sentence, Rachel Horman said ‘“It’s an insult to the victim and people will view the punishment as a slap on the wrist.

“There has been a prolonged 12-month ordeal, so why was only one charge brought? It’s absolutely shocking and it makes me really angry.

“If this was an attack by a stranger in the street, I can guarantee it would have been a different story. Domestic violence is often under-sentenced and too much blame is given to the victims.”

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