With the holiday season fast approaching, we know that many parents who are separated can be presented with some challenges when it comes to wanting to take their children on holiday with them.

Without consent from the other person with parental responsibility, it may be illegal to take your child out of the country and doing so could land you in a spot of bother! 
However, getting the other party to consent to allowing you to take your child on holiday isn’t always an easy task for some separated parents.

With the breakdown of relationships/marriages, often comes the breakdown of trust and communication, therefore an agreement can be hard to come by.

However, if you can come to an agreement, then a letter from the other parent would suffice as sufficient proof to allow you to take your child on holiday.
The letter should include contact details of the person giving permission, as well as details of the trip.
It may also be beneficial for the parent taking their child abroad, to carry the child’s birth certificate or adoption papers, along with the divorce certificate (This should especially be done if yourself and the child have different surnames).

Steps to take if permission is refused –

If your former partner refuses to allow you to take your child, you will need to get advice quickly as it may be necessary to apply to a court for permission!

Often we are able to resolve these issues through correspondence on your behalf as few parents want to be involved in court proceedings and when they realise that this is likely will back down.

Sometimes however proceedings have to be issued for the sake of the children. We have obtained orders in many cases for parents being prevented from taking their children on holiday and also ensured that the arrangements for future holidays are set out in the order to prevent further disputes in the future.
If you are looking to take your child abroad and need advice or assistance regarding obtaining the relevant consent, we can help.

Call us on 01254 672222 or email enquiries@watsonramsbotom.com for assistance.

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