Staff Take on 10000 Step Challenge in Memory of their Late Colleague Katie Roabuck

Throughout March, staff at Watson Ramsbottom will be taking on Cancer Research UK’s Walk All Over Cancer challenge, raising money in memory of their late colleague Katie Roabuck, who sadly recently passed away following a battle with cancer.

The challenge invites participants to commit to walking 10000 steps every day throughout the month of March, recording the results using fitness trackers on watches or mobile phones.

Whilst individuals are seeking their own sponsors for the challenge, which will be collated at the end of the month, Director Rachel Horman-Brown, who is leading the challenge has set up a fundraising page.

Of the challenge, Rachel said “The loss of our friend and colleague Katie has been really hard on the team, especially as we cannot get together to share our memories of her. Most of us were unable to attend the funeral because of Covid restrictions so we felt that this was a good way of doing something positive in Katie’s memory until we can meet up to remember her properly”

If you wish to donate, you can do so via Rachel’s fundraising page, which will be available throughout the month.

We’ll let you know how we get on. #WeAreHuman

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