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David joined Watson Ramsbottom in May 2019 as a Litigation Executive having amassed over a decade of litigation experience representing companies and firms, both nationally and internationally. Having been asked to advise, design and implement debt recovery procedures, David brings his wealth of knowledge of enforcement proceedings to advise his clients, not only the merits of their case, but also upon prospects of recovering any judgement awarded.

David attributes his success as a litigator to the team he works with including an excellent team of secretaries, paralegals, trainees, and solicitors which ensures that case work is appropriately distributed to keep costs reasonable and proportionate to the sums involved. David has built up a network of specialist barristers, and instructs barristers from Junior Counsel to Kings Counsel, which combined with his litigation colleagues, ensures client’s get the benefit of a full legal team whilst not breaking the bank. David also works closely with other departments within Watson Ramsbottom and his client’s benefit from instructing a firm that is multi-disciplined so their interests can be looked after by the same firm.

Whilst David can take instructions on a wide variety of cases nationally, David regularly takes instructions in Lancashire, Manchester and Yorkshire on;


Contract Disputes

Every day the average person will enter at least one contract. It is only when things go wrong, do we then consider and examine the transaction closely.

If you need assistance with a Contract Dispute, we can help.

Debt Collection

For many businesses credit control/debt collection can be a real problem, especially if the monies owed are relatively small.

With a view to helping our clients, we at Watson Ramsbottom have introduced our Debt Collection Fee Structure – offering clients the best elements of a debt recovery agent (the price!) with the specialised knowledge of a solicitor.

Will Disputes and Contentious Probate

Whilst challenging the detail or validity of a Will is never something anybody ever takes lightly, there are circumstances where this can be necessary.

Should you ever find yourself in such a position, our team of experts are able to assist.

Housing Issues

Housing Law is becoming increasingly important in society today – with more people renting, increasing pressure being put upon landlords by their own lenders, and more mortgage companies than ever seeking possession of properties.

We can assist Tenants or Homeowners with issues they are facing with their homes, and can help Landlords or Agents across all aspects of Housing Law.

Residential landlords Commercial landlords

Judgement Enforcement

If you have instructed us to obtain the order from the court, we will already have provided you with advice on whether the order is likely to be enforceable.

Once the order has been obtained, there are a number of ways and mechanisms which can be used to enforce the order.

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Property and Land Disputes

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Disputes over property and land are some of the most common causes of frustration. Whether you are arguing with a neighbour over an accessway or seeking to extend your property and facing opposition, at Watson Ramsbottom we have the knowledge and expertise to help

Lease Disputes

Disputes can often arise between freeholders and leaseholders over the terms of a lease. These disagreements can take many forms.

Whether you are a leaseholder or a landlord with issues with your leaseholders, our team can assist.

Professional Negligence Claims

Almost every business often relies on experts to assist with specific aspects of their successful running, for guidance or the implementation of projects.

If you feel that a professional has been negligent and this has caused severe financial or reputational detriment to your business, contact us today

Physical and Sexual Abuse Claims

If you are suffering from domestic abuse, we have an industry leading specialist team who can help you escape it every step of the way.

Once we have ensured you are safe, we can then advise on further avenues which may be available. These including bringing proceedings in the County Court or High Court against the perpetrator for compensation

Stalking and Harassment Claims

Stalking, cyber stalking and harassment can take place at school, within the work place and within Family relationships

At Watson Ramsbottom we can help in all of the above situations to achieve an end to the stalking behaviour and financial or criminal redress if appropriate.