Head of Regulatory Risk

Mark Cartin

Head of Regulatory Risk

Surprisingly, when he was growing-up it wasn’t Mark’s childhood dream to be a Risk Manager nor an Anti-money Laundering Compliance Officer. He was initially a Graphic Designer and Illustrator working with, amongst others, M&S (helping them get up and running after the Manchester bomb in 1996), Selfridges, Rowenta, Dreamworks, The Lowry, The Printworks, Travelodge, Hasbro (makers of Monopoly and Cluedo), Guinness, Hilton Hotels, The Commonwealth Games, Schwarzkopf and The Imperial War Museum North. After a successful career he transitioned into legal work, mainly conveyancing. Although, eventually concentrating on Risk and Compliance.

Mark joined Watson Ramsbottom in January 2018 as our Risk and Compliance Officer, before becoming Head of Regulatory Risk in April 2023.

Mark works alongside the Head of Operational Risk Richard Law-Riding in leading the Regulatory, Risk and Compliance Department that supports all areas of the business in meeting its obligations to comply with current legislation, regulatory responsibilities, industry best practice, and our own agreed operating procedures.

He ensures there are effective procedures in place to respond to, manage, monitor, and identify risks; develop and maintain effective day-to-day systems, processes and procedures relating to risk management awareness and good practice, and drive a culture of risk awareness throughout the practice.

He has also recently become one of the first people in the UK to pass both of the Law Society’s Advanced Risk and Compliance Accreditation exams, in Legal Practice and Anti-Money Laundering.

Contact Details


33-39 Railway Road

Email: mark.cartin@watsonramsbottom.com

Telephone: 01254 77 81 46

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