Watson Ramsbottom Announce Sponsorship Deal With Great Harwood Cricket Club

We are delighted to announce a new sponsorship deal with Great Harwood Cricket Club.

As part of the agreement, we will be the official sponsor of the club’s scoreboard and the live streaming of all matches played at the club.

This new partnership between Great Harwood Cricket Club and ourselves is a perfect example of two local institutions coming together to support each other.

We are delighted to welcome Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors as our official scoreboard and live streaming sponsor,” said Neil Kennedy, Treasurer of Great Harwood Cricket Club. “Their support will help us to continue to provide high-quality cricket to the local community and beyond.”

As part of the sponsorship deal, our logo will be prominently displayed on the scoreboard at the club’s ground, as well as on any live streams of matches played there. The live streaming of matches will allow fans who are unable to attend matches in person to still be able to follow their team’s progress.

Here’s what Managing Director Elton Ashworth has had to say on the new sponsorship –

“We are proud to be associated with Great Harwood Cricket Club, as a local firm, we are committed to supporting our community and we believe this sponsorship deal is an excellent way to do just that.”

The sponsorship deal between Great Harwood Cricket Club and ourselves is a significant development for both parties. It is a testament to the strong community spirit that exists within the town and highlights the importance of supporting local institutions.

For more information about Great Harwood Cricket Club please visit their website at https://gtharwoodcc.co.uk/

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