Watson Ramsbottom Have Local Cricket Club Covered

Watson Ramsbottom are delighted to have been able to further extend our backing of local grassroots sport, supplying Great Harwood Cricket Club with new roll-on covers.

Covers are used in cricket to protect the playing surface in the event of rain during, or in the lead up to games. Having covers that are easily manoeuvrable and provide comprehensive coverage of the playing area is essential for any cricket club in a place as wet and changeable as the North West of England.

Elton Ashworth, Managing Director of Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors said on handing over the new wicket covers:

‘We have been longstanding supporters of the club and are delighted to continue that partnership with them. We regularly use their meeting and conference facilities for multiple meetings and training events for our staff.

‘Supporting grass roots sport, and the volunteer-led clubs that allow it to occur, has always been a passion of this practice, long before we were even part of it.

‘We are delighted to be in a position to carry on that tradition and support Great Harwood Cricket Club in providing them with these new mobile wicket covers, which will help ensure more games can be played following poor weather, as well as helping them improve the conditions on which matches are played.

‘That being said we hope they are a redundant investment and that they sit in the corner of the ground out of the way during a long, hot & dry summer ahead!’

The covers comprise three connecting sections, each of which bear the Watson Ramsbottom name.

Stuart Maher, Chairman of Great Harwood Cricket and also a Director at Watson Ramsbottom, was delighted to accept the covers on behalf of the club, and remarked:

‘The committee and volunteers of the club have worked miracles over the last 12-15 months during the pandemic to provide a safe space for the people of our local community to come and enjoy the fresh air and open spaces we provide, whilst also offering the competitive sport upon which so many of our players and members benefit in terms of their physical and mental health.

‘This investment from one of our major supporters is fantastic for everyone associated with the club, and everyone is delighted with the addition. So much hard work has gone to improving facilities over the last year or so, and that is testament to the brilliance of the hard work of the committee of the club which personally speaking I remain incredibly proud to lead despite the challenges of the past year.

‘Better quality facilities will hopefully improve performances across the club, but speaking as an ageing bowler coming to the twilight of his career I am not sure they will do me a lot of good personally!’

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