What Do I need To Consider If Faced With Separation/Divorce?


At Watson Ramsbottom we understand that the decision to end a marriage or civil partnership is usually one of the most difficult life choices anybody is likely to face.

We have a vastly experienced team who are able to provide advice & support through this challenging time.
Our team of individuals are well versed in the following:

Divorce & Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

With the introduction of ‘no-fault divorce’ in April 2022, it is now the case that divorce is less adversarial and this is no doubt a good thing. However, not every divorce can or will be straightforward. We can inform you as to likely issues that may make your divorce more challenging than others and offer effective, practical solutions to avoid stress and delay.

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Finances & Property on Separation

We can advise upon potential outcomes for your particular case and the best strategy for achieving your preferred outcome. Our advisors are skilled negotiators and ensure that you get the best deal possible with the minimum of animosity. Mediation is almost always recommended but if your case can’t be settled through negotiation we aren’t afraid to fight your case in court

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The Family Home on Divorce

For most couples going through a divorce, what will happen to the family home is likely to be at the top of their concerns. The Court in England and Wales has a wide discretion concerning the future of the family home and it is true to say that there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions.

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Pensions on Divorce

Pensions are complicated and their complexity means that sound legal advice – often coupled with expert financial advice – is always recommended where pensions are likely to be an issue upon divorce.

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Consent Orders

Whilst it is not possible in every case, we would always encourage divorcing couples to try and find agreement with regard to property and financial arrangements following separation.

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Court Proceedings

Whilst most couples are able to resolve financial matters amicably, there are always cases when this is sadly not possible. If all other options have been exhausted, it may be necessary for Court Proceedings to take place in order to resolve matters.

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Assistance For Cohabitating Couples Post Separation

If you have co-owned a property or cohabited with someone and a dispute has arisen between you, you may be able to make a TOLATA claim

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Issues regarding the children are often the most worrying and at Watson Ramsbottom we pride ourselves on finding the best possible solution to your situation in the quickest time possible

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We've Got Your Back

If you are separating, a number of issues may arise on which sound legal advice is essential. We can talk you through alternative dispute resolution options, to help mitigate the need for expensive and drawn-out court proceedings.

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