Today, 25th November, marks the International Day to Eliminate Male Violence against Women, often referred to as White Ribbon Day.

UK police receive approx. 100 calls every hour for domestic incidents, however only 18% of women report their abuse. Domestic abuse affects 1 in 4 women and on average, at least two women being murdered every week – this statistic is thought to have increased to 3.5 women a week this year

Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape and domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war and malaria.

At Watson Ramsbottom we have been supporting the elimination of violence against women campaign for several years now. Usually we would be fundraising today, taking donations and selling white ribbon badges from our offices and holding fundraising activities amongst our staff.

Whilst this year’s events mean we are unable to do this, we can still draw attention to what is a very important cause. We hope by bringing these issues to your attention we can help White Ribbon UK and others such as the Counting Dead Women campaign in their work to change culture and public policy to protect women from male violence.

Visit the White Ribbon UK website for more info.

We can help victims to escape the nightmare of domestic abuse, even those who have attempted to report this previously and felt unsupported having done so.

We have a live web chat service available on our website, which victims can access from 9.30am – 9pm, 7 days a week. Our support for victims of domestic abuse is not bound by standard business hours, we are accessible when the support is needed

Alternatively, our team can be reached on 01254 67 22 22, by email at or via our website contact form.

If you need our help, speak to us. If you know somebody who needs our help, please urge them to speak to us when it is safe to do so. Our team are on hand and ready to assist.  We’ve Got Your Back.

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