Today is White Ribbon Day. White Ribbon Day is also known as the International Day for the Eradication of Violence against Women and is marked annually to raise awareness of violence against women.

UK police receive approx. 100 calls every hour for domestic incidents, however, only 18% of women actually report their abuse. Domestic violence affects 1 in 4 women  in their lifetime and leads to, on average, two women being murdered each week.

“Women aged 15-44 are more at risk from rape & domestic violence than from cancer, car accidents, war & malaria combined”

At Watson Ramsbottom we have been supporting the work of White Ribbon UK, taking donations at reception and selling ribbons throughout the day at our Blackburn office.

The Donations we raise will help continue to raise awareness by sharing resources and working to change culture and public policy. White Ribbon UK have recently launched a new youth advocates programme which engages with young men and boys aged 14-18.

We also invited staff to bake ahead of today, and are holding a bake sale to raise money to support White Ribbon Day. We’ve had some fantastic efforts, a selection of which are shown below.

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