We would like to send a heartfelt thanks to all of our clients who participated in the Will Aid charity scheme this year. Your generous donations have helped the firm raise an amazing £11,550 for the Will Aid charities during the campaign.

Our Solicitors volunteered their time and skills to write Wills for local people and collectively managed to raise this total for good causes, whilst in turn helping these clients secure the future for their loved ones.

Unfamiliar with this scheme and what Will Aid do?
You can follow this link to find out just how important their work really is!

The Charities Your Money Will Help!

If you require advice on writing, amending or planning you will, then please Call Stuart on 01254 88 08 34, email enquiries@watsonramsbottom.com, talk to us via live chat or alternatively complete our Contact Us form and one of our expert advisors will be in touch.

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