WR Director Rachel Horman gives expert insight on stalking legislation on BBC Breakfast News

Rachel Horman appearing on BBC NewsDirector and head of Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Forced Marriage Rachel Horman was recently featured on BBC1 Breakfast News programme to give her expert opinion in relation to a recent stalking case where the victim felt that she had been let down by the Court.

Rachel has been featured on BBC Breakfast on a number of occasions for her expert insight into such areas as stalking, domestic abuse and forced marriage as well as featuring in other TV, Radio and Newspaper items.

Rachel said “the victim in this case has been completely let down by the Court and the perpetrators rights seem to override those of the victims. Unfortunately this is not uncommon and something that I am keen to see changed.

Rachel is also the Chair of Paladin the National Stalking Advocacy Service which is the only one of its kind in the world and is instructed by clients throughout England and Wales for her expertise in these areas.

Rachel can be contacted for advice on the following email rachel.horman@watsonramsbottom.com

Rachel Horman on BBC Breakfast 070416 discussing protection of stalking victims from Rachel Horman on Vimeo.