WR Director Rachel Horman on BBC Radio Lancashire

Rachel Horman head of domestic violence at Watson Ramsbottom Solicitors was invited as a guest to speak to presenter John Gilmore on Radio Lancashire on the 7th January 2012 to discuss “divorce day”.

Early January is the busiest time for divorce lawyers after many couples decide to separate after a stressful Christmas period. Rachel Horman told John Gilmore:

“January has been extremely busy for us so far and I have seen 5 new clients with regard to divorce or separation already this morning. She said that the recession had brought greater stress to family life often resulting in separations however it was becoming increasingly common for couples to remain living under the same roof as they could not afford to separate until the family home had been sold. Rachel also discussed how domestic abuse was also more likely to happen over the Christmas period and that there had been a number of domestic violence related murders over the Christmas period. Rachel also told the show that the Government had decided to withdraw legal aid from the majority of legal disputes as from April 2013 and therefore people should ensure that they have their first appointment with a solicitor well before April in order that they could be assessed for legal aid and signed on to the scheme before it was too late.”